2015 - Collaboration Award

44 Withers Street, Brooklyn, NY. The 44 Withers Street site is a former gas station and auto repair shop located in the Green Point section of Brooklyn with soil contaminated with petroleum and high levels of heavy metals. A spill was reported during the due diligence investigation and the developer proactively contacted NYSDEC and NYCOER, and explained the need to make decisions within the small amount of time allotted to close on the property. Considering the data in the context of the proposed development scenario, both agencies assisted the developer to lay out a remedial scenario that propelled the property sale and eventual redevelopment forward in this extremely short time period. As a result, this formerly vacant lot is now the location of three four-story residential buildings with dedicated commercial space. 44 Withers Street is a prime example of what can be accomplished when all parties involved collaborate openly and effectively.